Monday, September 8, 2014

My Summer Movie Watchlist

I must admit, comparing the full list versus my intentions is a bit of a bummer, given that I watched a slew of bad movies I had no intention of seeing. Below is the full list of what I watched in the "2014 Summer Movie Season" (1st weekend of May through Labor Day), as well as references to my prior list from the original post if the film was listed there. 

Overall, not a bad summer, with my favorite new discoveries being: Deliver Us from Evil (recommended here), The Vanishing (an intriguing foreign thriller), Hunger Games: Catching Fire (a surprisingly good sequel to a disappointing original), Jiro Dreams of of Sushi (a wonderful documentary), and Attack the Block (a horror/sci-fi British export that is quite good despite its obscenity).

Top 5 Repeat Viewings: Speed Racer, Star Wars: A New Hope, Jurassic Park, Empire Strikes Back, and A League of Their Own. (Honorable mention: Zodiac)

Three revisited films that lost their Luster: Con Air, Transformers, The Lost World

And my three biggest disappointments were as follows: Before Midnight was a huge let down, both in tone and resolution (the threequel-curse continues); I have no idea why Repo Man got Criterion's attention (anyone who wants to educate me feel free), and I still don't love the classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit, no matter how hard I try. NOTE: these were not worst films, just the most disappointing. 

What I watched (Date viewed):
Bold = On original list.

Speed Racer (5/9)
Terminator 2 (5/17)
Sandlot (5/23)
Aliens (5/24)
Star Wars: A New Hope (5/31)
Jurassic Park (6/6)
Predator (6/7)
Con Air (6/8)
The Heat (6/13)
Blade Runnner ('92 Director's Cut)
Kung fu panda (6/22)
Avengers (6/22)
Hunger Games: Carching Fire (6/27)
Tron (6/28)
The Rocketeer (6/29)
Pitch Perfect (7/8)
Don Jon (7/11)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (7/11)
Streets of Fire (7/11)
Deliver us from Evil (7/12)
World War Z (7/12)
The Vanishing (7/12)
Jiri Dreams of Sushi (7/13)
The Last Stand (7/13)
Equilibrium (7/13)
Waking Sleeping Beauty (7/13)
Man of Steel (7/17)
The Frozen Ground (7/19)
The Fly (7/25)
Logan's Run (7/27)
Attack the Block (8/1)
The House at the End of the Street (8/1)
The Thing (8/1)
Zodiac (8/2)
Akira (8/2)
Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles (8/3)
Repo Man (8/3)
Skyfall (8/3)
Guardians of the Galaxy (8/4)
Empire Strikes Back (8/8)
Napoleon Dynamite (8/9)
A League of Their Own (8/10)
The Next Karate Kid (8/15)
Transformers [Bay, 2007] (8/16)
The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (8/20)
Before Midnight (8/24)
Hitchcock (8/24)
Lost World: Jurassic Park (8/24)
Blade Runner (8/26)

Did you see anything exciting this summer? Anything worth recommending? I'd love to hear about it!

Here's my most desired viewing for Fall, but chances are I will watch much more than these (and the bulk if it will be middling): 

Sleepy Hollow
20 Feet from Stardom
Gone Girl 
The Social Network
Run Lola Run
Changing Lanes
The Exorvism of Emily Rose
deliver From Evil on Blu Ray
Romeo + Juliet
Shawshank Redemption 
The Lord of the Rings extended Trilogy
The Dark Knight Trilogy
Captain America 2
The secret Life of Walter Mitty
Run Lola Run
Saving Mr. Banks

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