Wednesday, May 6, 2015

More Updates from 3LC's Main Site

Hi All,

My apologies if I've appeared dormant. I should be linking my current content at the end of each month for those checking this location rather than the NEW 3LC BLOG for updates and articles. I've posted a few articles at since January, and I invite you to visit the new location and give them a read!

First, here's additional entries in my ongoing Writing as Worship series:

"Writing Through the Walls"
"I'm No Intellectual"
"On Joy and Creation"
"What Are You Writing"
"Sanctification and the Writer's Revising"
"On the Costs of Writing"
"The Need to Find the Time to Write" (an intentionally bad title, I assure you)

Outside of that series, here's an article about my first re-reading of Stronghold since its 2013 publication and also provided an overall quarterly update.

Thanks for stopping by the old haunt; please feel free to check out the new diggs.