Friday, June 20, 2014

A Personal Milestone...


I have to share the following with you. I cannot tell you how meaningful the below link is to me. The library at my alma mater, Biola University, now has Stronghold listed in their catalog. It may have taken a year for all of the sorting to be completed, but it's there for students and faculty to read.

I am overwhelmed by this.

Stronghold is a manifestation of my sanctification, a true reflection of my journey from a man lost in addiction to a man pursuing integrity. I believe the work is proof of Christ at work in my life. Without the Holy Spirit ever-drawing me nearer to God's Throne, without Christ's salvation, and without the Father's steadfast love and patience, I never would have written this novel nor pursued it's publication. Now, it's available at a place I deeply love, at a library that served me immensely during my time at the college (far more as a staff member than a student, but that's my own fault).

I couldn't help it, I even took a screen shot of this link.

Really full of thanks to the Lord right now. And to all of you for your continued support,


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