Thursday, October 4, 2012

What I've Watched 10/4

This morning, I wanted to make sure I provided some great content, but I thought it would be worth it to direct you to the wonderful work of others.  All are "safe for work" (though I cannot speak for any other links in the sidebars on YouTube). As is my personal custom when making lists, I have provided 7 vids to enjoy!

Taylor Madi - On the foolishness of noncommittal, postmodern speech (Comedy/Spoken Word)

One Gentleman analysizes Rock, Paper, Scissors. (Comedy)

Beautiful Eulogy's brief video for their song "Entitlement" and a trailer for their album, Satellite Kite. (Music)
[PLEASE get Beautiful Eulogy's album HERE. They are excellent, and several of their songs have become part of my present rotation]

Bruxy Cavey - On Conversation (Christian Living)

"Mr. Rogers Neighborhood [Remix]" - This is just plain wonderful (Culture)

"Who's on First", essential comedic viewing and a gift to humantiy. (comedy)

Oh, and a wonderful piece of advice from Pastor John Piper about the Christian's relationship to relaxation and mindful living. (Christian Living)

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